Something about us

ORP-capannoneCompany O.R.P. Srl was born in 1995 and was specialized in grinding of injection moulds components.

During the years it widened his range of services introducing all the processes involved in the complete production ( deep drilling, turning, milling, grinding and honing) and it specialized in production of round mold components, mainly in packaging, plastic caps and closures, cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields.

The wide selection of workings allowed O.R.P. to introduce in other fields: energy, aeronautics, packaging machines and different kind of mechanical parts.

Started as one-man company, today O.R.P. can count both on an experienced staff and young and dynamic personnel which allows  to grant a high quality product to competitive in prices, and an excellent customer service.

During 2000 O.R.P. achieve the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, maintained during the years until today.dnv


Our core business

Ejector sleeves and standards
Ejector sleeves are the older O.R.P. product. Experience of many years lead ORP to reach a very high.

Medical & Pharma
Production of components for pharmaceutical field includes a series of mold components for the production of single dose.

Cosmetic & Packaging
Production of components for cosmetic field includes several types of mold components for the production of perfumes and.

Caps & Closures
Production of components for caps and closures field includes mold components for beverage and food packaging, caps for.

Other applications
Our production includes also a series of special mold components for different fields. Manufacturing of every single component.


Quality Control

Continuous improvement is granted by the training and awareness of the staff towards quality.

Standard equipment like micrometers, measuring pins, calibers, are subjected to periodic calibration. Our metrological room is equipped with a Carl Zeiss laser scan measuring machine and an optical viewer by OGP whose quality of the image is excellent also with big enlargement.

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